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Setting Up Mozilla Thunderbird

by | Jan 26, 2014

Setting Up Mozilla Thunderbird
1. To set up your mail account, open Mozilla Thunderbird.
2. Select File / New / Account.
3. The Account Wizard will appear. Navigate through the following wizard windows:

New Account Setup Window
Click the Email account button.

Identity Window

1. Enter your name in the Your Name box. This is the name that will appear in the From field of the messages you end.
2. Enter your email address in the Email Address box (e.g., myname@mydomain.com ).

Server Information Window

To use the POP server:
1. Click the POP button.
2. In the Incoming Server box, enter the name of the POP server: mail.domain.com

To use the IMAP server:
1. Click the IMAP button.
2. In the Incoming Server box, enter the name of the IMAP server: mail.domain.com

If the Outgoing Server box is available, enter the name of the
SMTP server: mail.domain.com

If the field is not available, Mozilla Thunderbird will use the default
outgoing server.

User Names Window
1. Enter your email address in the Incoming User Name box. Please note that your user name is your entire email address (e.g., myname@mydomain.com ).
2. Enter the same email address in the Outgoing User Name box, if available.

Account Name Window

Enter a descriptive name for your mail account. For example, Work Mail or Home Mail.

Congratulations Window

Review the information provided. To make changes, click the back button to return to previous windows in the Account wizard. Click the Finish button.

Outgoing (SMTP) Servers
If you experience trouble sending mail, it is likely that your ISP is blocking the default Port 25. Select Tools / Account Settings. Click the Outgoing Server (SMTP) link. In the Port box, replace the port number with 241.

Comparing POP and IMAP

• Best when you will be primarily accessing your email from a single location, like your office or home. When you leave your office or home, you can still access your email from a web browser.
• Messages are downloaded to your computer, so you don’t need to worry about exceeding the size of your mailbox.
• When accessing your email account through a web browser, you may not see previous messages that were downloaded to your desktop email client.

• Best when you will be accessing your email from multiple locations.
• Allows you to create portable folders. These folders will appear in each email client you use to access your account.
Your account will look the same at work, at home, and at your friend’s house.
• Because your email messages are stored on the server, you must monitor your mailbox size and delete messages to avoid exceeding your mailbox size.
Account Preferences

Leaving a Copy of Messages on the Server (POP Only)
1. To leave a copy of messages on the server, select Tools / Account Settings.
2. Select and expand your POP mail account, located in the left sidebar pane.
3. Click the Server Settings link.
4. Check the Leave messages on server box.
5. To avoid exceeding your account’s storage limits, indicate whether the server should delete messages after a certain number of days, or if the server should delete messages when you manually delete or move them from the Inbox.
6. Click the OK button. Working Offline (IMAP Only) When using an IMAP server, messages are not automatically downloaded onto your computer. If you want your messages to be available when you work offline, Mozilla Thunderbird will download your messages onto your local drive.
1. To make messages available when working offline, select tools / Account Settings.
2. Select and expand your IMAP mail account, located in the left sidebar pane.
3. Click the Office & Disk Space link.
4. Check the Make the messages in my Inbox available when I am working offline box.
5. To apply the same rule to new mail folders, check the When I create new folders, select them for offline use box.
6. To select specific folders for offline use, click the Select folders or offline use button.
7. If desired, check the Messages larger than box to restrict Mozilla Thunderbird from downloading messages larger  than specified size.
8. Click the OK button.

Managing Folders
1. To control where Mozilla Thunderbird places copies of sent messages, drafts, and templates, select Tools /  Account settings.
2. Select and expand your mail account, located in the left sidebar pane.
3. Click the Copies & Folders link.
4. Indicate where you want Mozilla Thunderbird to file your sent messages, drafts, and templates.
5. Click the OK button.

Importing Address Books, Mail, and Settings

1. Select Tools / Import. The Import Wizard will appear.
2. Click the Address Books, Mail, or Settings button and then click the Next button.
3. Select an email application or the Text file option (address books only) from the list and then click the Next button.
4. Mozilla Thunderbird will automatically import your address books, mail, or settings, or it will prompt you to locate and select the export text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, or .txt).
5. Mozilla Thunderbird will display a confirmation message, indicating whether importation was successful. Click the Finish button.

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