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10 Useful User Experience and Design Strategies Which Can Help Your Website Improve Sales and Conversions

by | Apr 11, 2017

A website not only represents online identity of your business but it is also a great way of increasing sales and conversions. But to accomplish this task design needs to be aesthetically appealing as well as provide visitors with excellent user experience.

As such, we will look at latest strategies and emerging trends you can utilize in 2017 to provide better user experience as well as increase conversions on your website.

Latest Design Strategies and Trends to Utilize in 2017 For Increasing Conversions

Strategy #1: Generation Specific Design

First thing to do will be to find out the generation or age group your website focuses on and accordingly select design elements (such as features and images) to which visitors of that age group can relate to.

In case your site caters to users of different demographic groups then designers will have to create landing pages with demographic specific design elements and images.

Strategy #2: Use of Skeleton Screens

Nowadays, page loading speed is one of the most important factors which decides whether visitors will be browsing your site or not.

One option to achieve this goal is use of skeleton screens which helps visitors believe that the page is loading quite quickly. As the skeleton screen continues to load, visitors wait anticipating content and it helps in reducing impatience. This in turn assists in lowering bounce rates and increases conversions your site is able to achieve.

Strategy #3: Chatbots or Engagement Bots

These engagement bots or chat bots aren’t something new, however, scope of how they can be utilized has certainly expanded.

Such engagement bots can be added onto website to provide automated reply to queries users have so that sales process can be continued on a 24/7 basis.

You will have to anticipate questions that visitors coming to your site will have and set the engagement bot in a way that it can reply to those queries in an efficient manner.

It is likely that satisfied and informed users will in turn be more interested in purchasing something from your site.

Strategy #4: Marketing within Shopping Cart

Upsells or similar products can be marketed as well as promoted while visitors are using the shopping cart.

Such promotions can certainly increase number of conversions your site is able to achieve since you will be giving users options to select items which they may be interested in buying together.

Strategy #5: Animated CTA Buttons

Conversions depend a lot on CTA buttons and how well they are designed as well as placed.

This year you can try out subtle animations for those button which can be helpful in drawing user’s attention towards your CTA buttons.

Strategy #6: Use Hero Images Differently

Cinemagraphs and their subtle motions can make your hero images even more interesting and draw user’s attention towards them. Moreover, you can use these cinemagraphs on social media platforms also and improve your marketing campaigns.

Strategy #7: Persuasive Videos

Persuasive videos made by real people where usefulness of your products and services are explained can have very good impact over prospective customers and lure them into buying your products.

Strategy #8: Exit Overlays

In a retail shop salesperson will usually make an offer even more interesting if he or she feels that customer is going to leave.

The function of a salesperson can be performed by exit overlays to provide users with exciting discounts and offers just when they are going to leave your site. Such strategy can certainly to boost conversions.

Strategy #9: Landing Page

In 2017, you will have to focus more on landing pages instead of the home page. The reason is that you can focus on a specific user group using landing pages and make the pages more relevant to them.

Strategy #10: Value of Scrolling

With the advent of mobile devices, focus has shifted back to scrolling pages and you need not stuff everything important in the above the fold region.

As such, it is now easier to tell everything about your product on a single page, which in turn helps users decide whether it will be the right product for them or not, instead of having to wander through a maze of several pages.

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