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4 SEO Trends Every Website Owner Must Make Use Of

by | Aug 5, 2017

What are the latest trends that you need to keep note of while performing seo for your site in 2017? Well, this is the question we will be trying to answer in the following sections and look at four important seo trends that you need to focus on this year.

Four Important SEO Trends

Trend #1: Google’s AMP

Accelerated mobile pages or AMP refers to a new standard introduced by Google with focus on development of web content that is suitable for mobile devices.

In simple terms, AMP offers set of rules that are used for creation of lighter format of HTML. This means web pages adhering to AMP will be loading faster on mobile devices.


  • Faster loading pages providing better user experience to visitors.
  • Better click through rates for pages and an eventual improvement in ranking

Trend #2: HTTPS and Referral Data

Google has clearly mentioned that it considers HTTPS as one of the ranking factors. However, website owners need to remember that a HTTPS site will not be sharing referral data with any HTTP site.


Thus, to maintain SEO benefit as well as get referral data what you will have to do is:

  • Make use of UTM tracking provided by Google to figure out traffic flowing from any particular marketing or advertising campaign.
  • Another thing that can be done consists of insertion of referrer by utilizing any type of intermediate page.

As for instance, when someone clicks on a link, you can redirect that visitor to some page without HTTPS and that page would insert its referral data before sending visitor to final destination.

By implementing following techniques you will be able to reap seo benefits of HTTPS while at the same time get required referral data.

Trend #3: Make Use of Featured Snippets

Featured Snippet refers to summary answer you often see in Google search results for any specific query and is shown as a special block on top of other search results.


Such featured snippets appear for both normal and voice searches. In case of voice searches, Google specifically spells out site’s name and as such, provides a unique branding opportunity to your site and a chance to earn high traffic.

To reap the benefits of featured snippets for your site what you will have to do is find out questions related to your niche that people have and develop an answer which directly provides users a solution.

This way you will increase your chances of getting listed in the featured snippet section and start earning more clicks.

Trend #4: Reduce Citation Building

Recent studies show that citation building is not useful as it was thought earlier for your local seo. The studies also highlighted the fact that backlinks are still the most important factor websites need to look into.


Thus, seo professionals need to focus less on citations and pay more attention to getting local backlinks for your site.

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