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Local Search Engine Optimization

by | Dec 23, 2015

Global MCS provides you with local search engine optimization. This means that we help customers within the Tampa Bay Area, find your website and in essence, your business, on the web.

This prevents you from falling into the common pitfall of small business owners investing a considerable amount of resources into designing a website, which does not work for them or receive any relevant traffic. We therefore ensure that your website serves its marketing function. The guiding premise is that although most purchases are made offline, most customers research products and services on the web, before these purchases. Major search engines also work on a local search.

Structuring your website to be found by the customers that you are targeting can be achieved during or after the initial web design and web development. We therefore offer this service to customers who do not have a virtual presence in the internet, as well as those who want to optimize their virtual presence to meet their business needs. This service is also provided freely, as part of our web design and web development packages to all small businesses within the Tampa Bay area.

Under this service, we ensure that you apply the most relevant keywords in the website. This entails making sure that your website conforms to the always evolving Google algorithm updates, as was for example captured by Google’s 2014 local ranking algorithm update, pigeon. Our local search optimization service does not however only involve placing you higher in the search indexes, but it features a comprehensive service that also gives you the best website in your niche. This is consistent with the current search engine frameworks that reward authenticity, as well as the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium.

At Global MCS, we achieve this objective by using a wide array of tools that include topic selection, specialization, target selection and definition, keyword generation using various evidence-based tools, page creation and optimization, website structuring, community creation, plug in addition, link creation, and Google analytics. This service therefore ensures that your website is the most relevant, easily found, and user friendly website in its niche.

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