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5 Signs Your Website Needs Work

by | Jan 26, 2016

1. Your Website Is Not Responsive

Customers are increasingly using mobile devices to access information in the internet. As a business owner, you cannot afford to lock out this significant population due to accessibility issues. An optimal website must therefore cater for the needs of users who want to use desktops, as well as those who want to use mobile devices. This feat can be attained by utilizing responsive designs such as the mobile first design approach.

2. Your Website Looks Unprofessional and Outdated

First impressions count. This is especially important because your website might be the first place, where your customers are interacting with your business. The ultimate website design should therefore not only be beautiful, but it should also communicate a professional image for your business and products. Anything that falls below this threshold should be redesigned to not only improve user experience, but to also create the ideal public perception.

3. You Are Not Getting The Results You Want From The Website

Most businesses disregard the potential of websites in attaining their objectives. Websites can however be very effective in generating sales leads, increasing bookings, providing clients with information, selling products, and increasing newsletter signups. To attain these business objectives, the website must meet the needs of your visitors, in a way that is meaningful to them. Your website should also be engaging, attractive, readable, easy to navigate, and easy to monitor and analyze for the purposes of continuous improvement.

4. Your Website does not Reflect your Current Business Goals

Businesses evolve over time, in response to changing market and industry needs. A new website allows you to reflect these changes. You should also be vigilant enough to benefit from changing technology. This requires making use of social media, online review sites, cloud applications, and lead management systems.

5. Your Website is Hard to Update

A website that is hard to update presents salient problems for business owners, who cannot make simple changes without regularly seeking professional help or undergoing rigorous updating processes. Bearing in mind that an updated website provides relevant information to customers and keeps them coming back, you should ensure an optimal website design that is easy to update. This feat can be attained using a content management system like WordPress.

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