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Top 10 Strategies for Building Organic Search Engine Traffic to Any Site

by | Jan 23, 2017

The most difficult part in search engine optimization is increasing organic traffic and if you want to accomplish this task then it will be important to utilize effective seo strategies which help you achieve this goal. Our aim here will be to analyze some of the strategies you can use for increasing organic traffic to your web site.

How to improve organic traffic?

Let us first start by looking at what is meant by organic traffic. Suppose, a person searches for something (say for instance, seo company in Tampa Bay area) in Google and clicks on any one of the displayed sites (not the ads), then that site will receive organic traffic.

Organic traffic is considered to be of high value since it brings in targeted customers to your site and conversion rate for such customers also tends to be high. So, let us now delve into some of the important strategies you need to utilize for improving organic traffic to your site.

Strategy #1: Find Good and Bad Links to Your Site

Your website’s ranking in search engines is affected by number of quality backlinks site has. Moreover, it would be very difficult for your site to compete with some of the popular and authoritative sites in your niche if your site lacks high quality backlinks.

However, backlinks you get need to be of very high quality since bad links are going to do more harm than good to your site. As such, quality and not quantity needs to be the main factor while getting links for your site.
These are some of the features a links should have to be considered a good back link:

• It is from a site in the same niche as yours.
• It is a contextual link from a well described article.
• Link you get is a dofollow link.
• The site you get the link from is considered a trusted source and has excellent domain authority.

Some links you have may not be of high value and your aim should be to get rid of them. This is the topic we will cover as second strategy for improving organic traffic to your site.

Strategy #2: Removal of Bad Links

Bad links will negatively effect your site’s ranking in search engines (and may even result in Google penalties for your site) and as such you need to put in the effort to get rid of them.

Thus, you need to analyze the bad links to your site, and contact those sites to get your link removed from their sites. It is likely than many of the website will not reply to your mails and you will be left with several bad links to your site.
The next course of action will be creating a disavow report and submitting the same in Google using their disavow tool.
Now as part of next strategy we move onto the topic of building authority to your site, which at the same time will provide your customers with useful information.

Strategy #3: Reply to Your Customer’s Concerns and Queries Through Blogging

It is likely that customers will have questions about products or services you provide. Instead of providing them a reply through email, what you can do is make an elaborate post on your blog.

The reason is that all potential customers having the same question will see your post in Google searches, which in turn will improve the organic traffic your site receives.

Getting links from authoritative sites should always be your main traffic and this will be the fourth strategy we will be looking into next.

Strategy #4: Become a Contributor

There are two advantages of becoming a contributor on authoritative sites in your niche.

• Authoritative sites already have a well established community and by becoming a contributor you can increase chances of getting referral traffic to your site.
• The other advantage is that backlinks from such sites will be of high worth and certainly help in improving your ranking in search engines.

Keywords are what customers use while searching for something in search engines and as such you need to involve keywords in your strategies. Let us see how.

Strategy #5: Perform Keyword Research

To properly optimize your site it will be important to understand the phrases customers are using. As such, you need to perform detailed keyword research (you can perform such keyword research using Google’s keyword tool) and include those keywords in your site as well as in anchor links for the backlinks you are trying to get.

You also need to pay attention to use of long tail keywords in your keyword strategy since such keywords tend to bring in focused customers as well as it is easy to rank such keywords.

In addition to backlinks, you also need to optimize your site as part of your strategy. We will look into some of things you need to do in this regard.

Strategy #6: Optimize Your Website

Apart from backlinks, search engines also look how well optimized your site is. As such, some of the things you need to do would include:

• Optimization of site’s title and description using your main keywords.
• Optimization of title and ALT tag for images using keywords.
• Include important keywords in site’s content

Customers will be coming to your site and expect good content which answers their queries. Thus, your strategic planning should also include content optimization.

Strategy #7: Pay Attention to Content Optimization

Your aim should be to create high quality content since such content can easily attract back links as well as result in higher number of social shares. Content will always be king!

Internal links are valuable for many reasons and must be included in your plans (next strategy we will look into) for increasing organic traffic.

Strategy #8: Create Internal Linking

First of all, internal links help customers easily find information they are looking for. Secondly, such internal links help in building backlinks for different pages on your site.

If you provide option for customers to link to your site, chances of getting a backlink will certainly increase. Let us go through the details.

Strategy #9: Help Customers Link to Your site

If a customer finds an interesting article on the site then such customer will be ready to link to it. Such type of natural links will help in improving back links and in turn organic traffic your site.

All you will have to do is add a widget at the bottom of every page with code for embedding your site’s link. Gradually you will find back links increasing for your site.

Your competitors are not sitting ideal, and as such seo analysis and generating backlinks needs to be an ongoing process. Your last strategy should cover things you need to do.

Strategy #10: Monitor Progress

Every business in your niche will be doing what they can to improve their site’s ranking in search results. As such, you need to continually monitor backlinks your site is getting and whether those links are good links or not.

Thus, monitoring seo progress will be important so that necessary modification can be made as and when required.
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